Working Team



Elizabeth Dotun – Director and Founder

The name Rehoboth is very significant to me, it means room or space to flourish.  Having grown in what seemed like a confinement, a troubled and an unhealthy environment, for many years of my life, it’s good to know that believing/resilience can lead to positive change. I grew up with very low self-esteem, and insecurity, I didn’t know what moral values in relation to life and living was. Deep down, I knew there were potentials within me that needed to be unlocked, but no help was available. I was a happy smiley person and that masked all the pains and burdens inside. From childhood and into adulthood, I was controlled, never listened to and being a naturally obedient person, I was naïve and fear crippled me.  Change did come, hurray! It’s almost unfashionable these days to say I’m a Christian but my story will not be complete without my faith in JESUS. There wouldn’t be a Rehoboth for families without Him and neither would I have been able to help and support people genuinely with a compassionate heart. I’m grateful to see changes I could only imagine but never thought were possible. The Christian principles I have learnt with other relevant training courses has given me the skill I need to be able to impact other people’s lives positively and to help unlock potentials.  Although my professional background is in Housing Management and Development, I have a passion for people and especially for the family unit; I do what I do out of lived experiences and that you can become the change you want to see! It’s a privilege to be the founder of this.

Dr Ugonna Chukwumaife – Health & Wellbeing

Mum of three and wife loves to spend time with family, travelling and playing together. I love family because it is the basic unit of any society and stable homes are needed to build stable individuals who will be useful in the society. I love being part of Rehoboth team because it gives me opportunity to use my skills, knowledge and experience in ways I may never be able to and to impact people and families who I may never come across otherwise.

Oluyemisi Akinwumi – LLB LLM
- Community Engagement Officer

A mother with background in Law, with wealth of experience in the community legal advice sector having worked with a national not for profit organisation providing free, impartial and confidential generalist advice to the members of the community. Experienced in working with vulnerable people helping them access services and providing advice on their rights and responsibilities. Offers guidance and generalist advice on issues faced by individuals and families such as accessing welfare benefits, debt housing etc.

Nkiruka Patricia Anderson

Nkiruka Patricia Anderson, a graduate of Electrical /Electronic engineering but practising as a medical physicist in NHS. A mum and married to Richard Anderson and we have a blended family.  I am a Catholic, in love with Christ and the WORD. I attended the Holy Ghost school where my love affair for devotions and writing devotionals began. I have a keen interest for the medical field and love to be in this environment. I feel drawn to those who need care and the humbling work ethics that caring for them demands. I am also a vincentian called to care for poor and less privileged. My life experiences especially in marriage and family life has drawn me to the work of Rehoboth for families. I love to share
my walk with God through my pain, struggles, scars and victory in the ministry of prayers or evangelism. I joined Rehoboth because her values aligns with my personal goals and spiritual journey. A place where parents, children and family general wellbeing are enabled even spiritually. My personal and spiritual conviction lies in John 13:35 - the love of Jesus which I have encountered, encourages me to share with others, just like a woman God met at the well and received his love, and went on to spread the good news of his love and mercy.

Funmi Oyekan

Funmi Oyekan, married with 3 children, a Christian and committed to serve in my community. I support in the Administration with Rehoboth for families.


Youth Team



Aaron Antrobus - Youth Team

I’m Aaron Antrobus. I’m a 20 year old university student studying politics.  The only two things I love more than politics is food and sports. I’m a huge Chelsea fan and I play as much rugby as I possibly can. I have a real passion for working with people and sharing my knowledge with the next generation which includes my two younger siblings. I hope to talk to as many young people as possible and it’s a privilege to do this with Rehoboth

Tilly Keady - Youth Team

Hi my name is Tilly I am 20 years old and I’m a university student studying Psychology. Having a younger sibling myself, I think it’s important to share experience and interact with the younger generations.  By keeping our session fun and interesting, the youth are able to take part in something special and learn some important skills they can use as they get older. I have a passion for working with people and it’s my pleasure to support this group in any way I can.




John Lawrie - Chair of Trustees

I feel very privileged to be Chair of the board of trustees for Rehoboth for Families.  Rehoboth’s main objectives is to reduce family and relationship breakdown, looking particularly at the effect on children. I felt the effects of family breakdown at an early age, when my parents divorced at the age of two. But due to the hard-work, determination and love of my mother; a single working parent, my sister and I learned to cope and to conquer life’s challenges. After school I worked as an apprentice engineer and moved to Bristol.  There I encountered the love of Jesus and Christians. I switched working roles and became a missionary and full- time youth worker for three years in Brazil, where I met my wife, Rosie. We now have two amazing teenage children. After Brazil I had the privilege of working for a large corporate IT company as a Customer Executive, a long and enjoyable career.  I now work as the interim Youth Pastor in LifeChurch Manchester. I was drawn to Rehoboth as the charity has a heartfelt yearning for hurting families and children by promoting the importance of positive family relationships by encouraging, empowering and equipping.  Rehoboth provides a place where people can feel free and safe, an atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion and non-judgmental. If Rehoboth existed when I was a child, my mother, sister and I would have benefited. I would like to thank all Rehoboth’s loyal supporters without whose support and help the charity would not have been established. I would also like to thank the management and trustee teams for their hard work, especially Elizabeth Dotun, founder and main driving force. Our hopes and desires are to positively impact lives and unlock potentials that is in all of us.

Suzanne Kelly

Suzanne Kelly is an independent project manager with over 30 years of management experience of working in the retail and financial sector. She trained as an accountant and was sponsored to do a Masters in Business.

She is currently working in the voluntary sector as a project manager for the Trafford Collective as well as community volunteer with her church LifeChurch Manchester. She lives in Sale and has 3 grown up children and likes to spend her spare time walking, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Suzanne is a trustee because Rehoboth is about the importance of family flourishing. Engaging and listening to our young people, having open and good conversations about our life experience, as we talk and support each other we can all learn to fill our lives with meaning and purpose and so flourish in our communities.

Olawole Kuti

Olawole Kuti is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. He has over 20 years of working in higher education academy in Nigeria, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the UK. He obtained the Doctor of Engineering (DrEng) degree from the University of Hiroshima, Japan. He is a UK Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a member of the institution of Mechanical Engineering (MIMechE), United Kingdom.

Olawole is a member of the Life Church Sale Manchester where he currently serves in the audio unit and music band.

He has passion for mentoring young people on how to maximize their potentials. He believes everyone has an innate gift that could make the world a better place.

He is happily married to Funmilola and they are blessed with 2 boys; IniOluwa (God’s heritage) and OreOluwa (God’s gift).

Alastair Cutteridge

Alastair Cutteridge is the Associate Pastor of LifeChurch Manchester, and has a wide ranging role there, overseeing lots of areas of church life. He previously worked for almost 30 years in IT in a number of manufacturing businesses. He is an engineering graduate and also holds an MBA. He has been a Trustee of a number of Christian charities over the last 15 years, and loves to see the church being active in serving and blessing it’s community.

He is married to Mel and they have 5 grown up children. He obviously has developed a passion for children and families through his life, and loves the heart of what Rehoboth, and Elizabeth – it’s founder, want to do to see families and young people flourish.