Rehoboth for Families

Rehoboth for families (RFF) provides holistic support in a safe and confidential environment to women in the Trafford Area in Manchester. Our aim is to provide a forum where women and children can be involved in educational, social and enriching activities to encourage personal and emotional growth. The objective is to enable women become more confident within themselves; empowering them to take an active role within their home and community where they can make a positive contribution to ensure living a happy and fulfilled life.

The term ‘REHOBOTH is a Hebrew word meaning ‘Open Spaces’ also interpreted to mean ‘Flourish and Abundance’. We aim to provide a place where women can feel free and safe; an atmosphere of none judgmental in words or action; a place where their voices are heard with a heart of empathy. Our pledge to you is to positively impact lives and unlock potentials.

We work with other community groups and organisations that have the same or similar vision to ours to provide a range of support to women’s individual and family needs. We provide a safe, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for women only. 

We currently hold a once a month meeting at the Sale West Community Centre where we discuss different topics of the realities of life we face today and how to manage it. We also offer a one to one at a place convenient for you.

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