About Us

We are a faith-based, family advocate organisation and we started as a befriending group in 2014 in Trafford and became a registered charity in July 2020.
Our mission is to enable families to flourish by positively impacting family life, and unlocking hidden potential.
We support and work with parents, children, young people, and families.
Our aim is to promote positive family living, community inclusion, and tackling the issues that affect children and young people, especially how family breakdown affects children and young people in adulthood. We also seek to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures, by building healthy relationships across diversity. Ensuring good and flourishing family relationships is at the core of all our work.

Just out of interest:
Rehoboth is a Hebrew word which means 'room or open space to flourish'.
The founder of the organisation chose the name as the story relating to Rehoboth in some ways depicts the story of her life.
The passion for good family life and the work we do at Rehoboth is born from lived experiences and we believe that change is possible regardless of upbringing and past experiences.
We offer help and guidance on a range of family issues, and we are open to supporting people with or without faith. See below for some of the things we do:
We provide our service through One to one and home visits, coffee mornings, group trainings, workshops, conferences, excursions, social events, family outreach, collaboration with other organizations including faith groups, who provide similar services, working alongside the local authority, businesses referral and signposting.